WALKERA F210 Drone Review

The Walkera F210 is a truly competitive model right out of the box. Not only is it ideal for people who would like to get into the FPV racing, but do not want to build their own model, it is a great option for those who are experienced and would like a ready to go model with extremely sharp and responsive flight capabilities.

Walkera F210 Drone


Regarding the technology used on the Walkera F210, the devil is in the details; Walkera F210 features a modular design where everything is plug-and-play compatible. The ESC’s slotted pin system connects to the main power board, and it eliminates the need for connecting wires.

The racer is placed 210 mm between the motor shafts, and it features 5-inch props. Its frame is made of carbon fibre and the frontal parts are made of aluminium, and they prevents parts from falling apart after crashing which means that this is one rugged quad copter.

The interior features a dedicated board on which a flight controller and circuit system are mounted, and this board holds an on-screen display and the FPV transmitter. This keeps sensitive components safe from the vulnerable exterior, and the plastic motor guards also protect the outer edges of the frame.

The ESC’s are plugged into the main body thus allowing you to remove them easily. It comes with both rear and front mounted LEDs.  The horizontal status bar has 4 zones with 2 red and 6 yellow LEDs, these indicate when the copter is armed or disarmed as well as its movements.


The Camera is one of the highlights of the Walkera F210. It comes with 700TVL high resolution camera, with adjustable angle, 120° of visual range, and night vision capability. The camera offers real time video transmission, even in bad conditions such as a cloudy day or at night time, with an excellent 400m control range to capture video


This model comes with the F3 Flight Controller, which can be connected to the clean fight software installed on your PC. This allows you to adjust and calibrate the controller according to flight modes of PIDs.

The whole system is powered by a 4S setup, which means 14.8 volts. The expected flight time is between 5-9 minutes, depending on your flying style.

However this very drone  is not for amateurs or new fliers, due to it been super fast, and also it not built for beauty, but rather a beast of a quadrocopter; the drone was not built for beauty but rather a high performance and rugged machine. Due to it been a high performance drone it has a low flight time, and the battery life could be worked on, to give fliers maximum fun.

In all the Walkera F210 looks compact and durable; it is agile, stable, fast and can be controlled easily. The LED lights and beeping sounds offer a seamless flying experience. It has a powerful battery which lasts long. Charging accessories are also provided. The camera captures more details even in dark and cloudy areas. IT an awesome drone.

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